Themer was created to help businesses and individuals build a strong web presence that's ready for the future.

Getting a business website set up is hard work and keeping up with the latest technologies is even harder. On April 21st 2015 Google changed their search algorithm to give preference to websites that are mobile friendly, have recently updated content and that load as quickly as possible. Is your business website mobile friendly?

A website with these specifications would usually set a business back thousands of dollars, but by combining the latest technology and our design expertise we have created a solution to help businesses hit the ground running and keep up with the race.

Micheil Cathcart Web Design

Micheil Cathcart | Design Expert

"Over the years I've worked with countless people helping them to bring their story to life.

We created THEMER after realising so many small businesses were having difficulty with webpage builders like WIX because the stock standard designs simply did not represent their brand. They were absolutely not getting the results they needed and a full boutique agency experience was way out of the budget.

By leveraging the latest website technologies we can now build beautiful mobile friendly websites that shine the light on the passion and personalities behind each story, building a web presence that can grow for generations at a price all businesses can afford."

Philip Charles Marketing

Philip Haines | Marketing Expert

"A decade ago, most digital marketing technologies were out of reach for SME’s, accessible only to large businesses with big teams and resources.

We have come a long way in the last few years, with countless new services and technologies emerging that are putting big business capability into small business hands. You don’t need full service agency to reach your potential, work with us and you will have a world-class website that shows off how great your business really is.

I founded THEMER with Micheil for one simple purpose – to connect SME business owners with the best digital tools available so you can compete with anyone, without breaking the budget."